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Internationally wrapped with a blues-rock stamp, Tim Gerard brings his constantly evolving rich and soulful sound to the stage. Melodic hooks inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Ray Lamontagne, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Albert King, to name a few. Gerard supports his natural abilities with an unmatched guitar forte and a dynamic vocal range. Drawing upon the great acts that championed the 60s and 70s scene, Gerard performs with an understated passion. Portraying stories of love and loss, ups and downs within the pursuit of meaning, his lyrics are both honest and raw. A candid account of his own experiences and those around him with imagery and rhythmic cadences both familiar and unique.

A rambling traveling man, Gerard was gifted with a diverse palette of cultural experiences, seasoning his story telling with experience and wit. In his early teens he discovered the inescapable insatiability of the blues. Having grown up in South Africa, Belgium and the UK, his multicultural upbringing consisted of constantly enraging his family after picking up the guitar and being unable to put the damn thing down. In 2014 he crossed the pond to attend the infamous Berklee Collage of Music in Boston before graduating and moving to Santa Monica (LA) to work as a songwriter, producer and session guitarist. Writing credits include songs written with and for Gable Bradley, Pam Sheyne, Charlie Puth, Alyssa Bonagura, Jade Bird, Tyler Bryant, Fraser Churchill, Roger Cook and Sarah Walk. A familiar face on both the Nashville writing scene and the Camden (UK) stomping grounds he’s the reflective troubadour on the streets, wherever that may be.


Gerard’s international career has taken him from busking on the streets of Santa Monica to iconic venues such as ‘The Hotel Cafe’ (LA), ‘Whisky Jam’, (Nashville), ‘The Blue Bird Cafe’ (Nashville), ‘Ronnie Scotts’ (London), and the Royal Festival Hall (London). All this whilst garnishing a notoriety on the independent iconic roots-blues circuit performing in venues such as ‘The Spiritual Bar’ (London) alongside artists Jack Broadbent and Ferris & Sylvester, to name a few. Having played ‘The Isle of Wight Festival’ (UK), ‘The Wildwest Songwriters Festival’ (South Dakota, US) and ‘Mavericks Americana Music Festival’ (Suffolk, UK), Gerard has also toured with ‘Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’ around Europe as a guitar tech. Forever immersing himself in the world of guitars and the blues, Gerard is always riding experience and living through the music.


Following his full length album, ‘Right From The Start’ (produced together with Archie Sylvester and written with Gordon Torr), Tim Gerard drops his much anticipated upcoming EP ‘Country Gold’. A collection of Modelo smoked studio creations recorded on the outskirts of Nashville along with expert guitarist, producer and best friend Alex Labrie. Five songs birthed from heartbreak, uncertainty, struggle, the sound of a dying rattling car engine and the smell of a burning Stratocaster. From the combative minds of both Gerard and Pineapple Cowboy, the EP’s writing symbolises loss and liberation. Mixed by Michael Fahey (Vance Powell) and mastered by Chad Cuttill (The Lumineers, Chris Stapleton). Full EP release in March 2023.


Tim is also a water colour artist, combining his love of music with visuals. You can find his work on

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